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IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR (PRE-RELEASE): We thought it would be awesome to take the Irish Cream part of the IRISH CAR BOMB blend and make it it’s very own blend! The results are astonishing! Full details when the cigar is launched…COTM members get an early sneak peek!
OAK & EDEN RYE & RUMBA *EXCLUSIVE: The seasonal Oak & Eden Rye & Rumba Whiskey is just hitting stores across the USA. This is the cigar we’ve made to be the perfect pairing for it. Full-bodied, Medium-strength. Flavors of cream, cinnamon, milk chocolate, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, white pepper, clove, licorice, cake frosting, and aged leather. If you can pair this cigar with the Oak & Eden Rye & Rumba Whiskey…you are in for a pairing treat like you’ve never experienced!
TATUAJE CIGARS: The King of boutique cigars. TATUAJE is in our view the pioneer and standard of genuine boutique cigars. Made by cigar genius, Pete Johnson, these are some of the most iconic and sought-after cigars every year!
ADVENTURA CIGARS Gotta tell ya…we have been seriously impressed with Adventura Cigars! We just got our hands on some a couple of months ago and smoked through their entire production line. Once we started with one blend…we just kept going to the other. They are just so good. And I must add, not to sound arrogant, but it takes a lot to impress us. We get to smoke EVERYTHING…and making us stand up and take notice is a serious accomplishment. Adventura is making some freaking amazing stuff and we are excited for you to smoke it!
FRATELLO NAVETTA INVERSO: 93-RATED! Fratello Navetta Inverso is a blend that is the INVERSE of the 2017 Navetta line. Without going into all the details, owner Omar de Frias ingeniously interchanged several of the wrapper, binder, and filler components....and it just so happened to create a phenomenal new blend. Flavors are outstanding! Expect notes of heavy cream, cocoa, tea spices, white pepper, vanilla bean, toasted almond, cedar wood, and milk chocolate.
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