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THE STORM IS UPON US EXCLUSIVE: We wanted to create a special project just for the members of the CigFed Cigar of the Month Club! THE STORM IS UPON US EXCLUSIVE is named for the “storm” of flavor complexity in this cigar. (Probably should’ve named it “The ‘Typhoon’ is Upon Us”.) Medium/Full-strength with flavor notes of ultra-dark chocolate, cake frosting, graham cracker, toasted almonds, white pepper, cream, nougat, and cedar.

STOLEN THRONE CROOK OF THE CROWN: Stolen Throne has fast become the fastest growing and most popular new brand in the industry! They've been working with master blender Noel Rojas in Texas to create cigars that are truly phenomenal! (If you've smoked one, you understand how insanely good they are!) Their inaugural release is Crook of the Crown...And it couldn't be more awesome! Crook of the Crown features a 10-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper. Fillers are from Indonesia and Nicaragua. Full-bodied and Medium+ strength. Flavors are bold and balanced. Big notes of espresso, black pepper, and cream. The extra-aged wrapper adds sweetness and earth. Additional hints of leather, caramel, almond, and cocoa.

LECHE DE MAMA MADURO 2022: LECHE DE MAMA TRIPLE MADURO 2022 opens with rich leathery waves, espresso beans, and black pepper. Notes of macadamia nuts followed by a cinnamon spice. The finish lingers long on the tongue adding vanilla and caramel notes. As the second third begins, big flavors of chocolate become dominate. The caramel grows larger with hints of brown sugar. It's balanced by subtle notes of cedar. This cigar tastes a lot like candy! The last third finishes magnificently! Gentle toffee notes are added to the blend. A warming white pepper tingles the tongue. You won't want to put it down. It's creamy and bursting with flavor all the way down to the nub! Believe me when I tell you...LECHE DE MAMA TRIPLE MADURO 2022 is one of the best cigars you've ever set fire to. No joke! It's effing legendary!

BLK WKS HYENA 2022: NEW BLK WKS Studio HYENA 2022 features a Cameroon wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler! Here’s what BLK WKS owner James Brown said about HYENA 2022:  “Hyena received a lot of hype in 2021 and this year’s release will be no different.  The 2022 Hyena is bold, spicy, very well balance and a touch more intense than last year’s release. A truly unique cigar that is focused on showcasing a perfect balance between Nicaraguan fillers and the Cameroon wrapper. The profile is spice forward with white pepper & semi-sweet baking spices blended with herbal notes & cedar. The finish is a blend of bitter cocoa, cream & malt. Hyena is an extremely complex and balanced cigar and is a tribute to my wife’s and my many years of living in Africa."

HENDRIX SPECIAL EDITION: HendriX Special Edition is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6x52 classic toro. It features a 5-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers. The character of the cigar is extremely smooth with a deep maduro flavors. First third flavors include dark chocolate, cedar wood, fresh-brewed coffee, and raw sugar. The finish has a wave of heavy cream and cinnamon. Second third flavors are so smooth. Milk chocolate, cafe latte, caramel, and pepper. Last third the flavors get toasty. Notes of molasses, almond, clove, licorice, and leather.

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