KING OF SPADES LTD. (PRE-RELEASE): Oh, boy! COTM members get a sneak peek pre-release of the New KING OF SPADES! This cigar is LEGENDARY! It’s very highly acclaimed and highly rated. This new blend update is gonna completely blow your mind! Full cigar details will be told when the cigar is officially released!

MACHETE SPECIAL EDITION (SOLD OUT): MACHETE SPECIAL EDITION is here...and it's knives out and ready to rumble! I‘m just gonna tell you right off the bat…you’re absolutely gonna freakin' love MACHETE SPECIAL EDITION! Huge flavors of dark chocolate, coffee beans, black pepper, and creamy butter start right outta the gate. The retrohale adds a spicy cinnamon burn. As it develops, the blend continues to elevate with notes of brown sugar, toasted nuts, and clove. Halfway through, espresso beans come to the forefront, keeping the balance perfectly. The cream lingers longer and longer on the finish with hints of maple and cashew. Last third, everything gets intense! Retrohale has a big cayenne pepper burn. More waves of nougat, vanilla bean, and walnut. Espresso and cream continue to grow. It perfectly balances the complexity and sweetness of the other flavors. It's so hella good! Right down to the nub!

WARPED EAGLES DESCENT: Warped owner, Kyle Gellis, has worked his magic again on the New WARPED EAGLES DESCENT 2022! It’s absolutely delicious! When you smoke it…you’ll be literally savoring every single puff! The New WARPED EAGLES DESCENT 2022 started out as an exclusive release for R Field Wine Company in 2019, and hasn't been released on a worldwide scale until now! The blend has been upgraded since it’s original release—using more Jalapa for added sweetness. It features a Corojo ’99 wrapper from Jalapa, Criollo ’98 binder from Estelí, and a combination of Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 long fillers from Estelí and Jalapa. With all of that AGANORSA tobacco…you know it’s a freakin’ showstopper!  WARPED EAGLES DESCENT is bold, well balanced, and highly complex! Expect flavors of mocha, cream, earth, white pepper, coffee bean, and hints of caramel sweetness on the finish. 

WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA 2022 L.E.: WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA 2022 L.E. is gonna absolutely astound you! We’ve been smoking this non-stop…We can’t get enough of it! The quality of the tobacco used for this blend is absolutely top-shelf! This should be a $12+ cigar any day of the week! When you smoke it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA 2022 L.E. is a 6x52 toro featuring a sweet and creamy Connecticut wrapper. Filler tobaccos are from Nicaragua and San Andres. The blend is so rich and so complex...ahhh I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it! WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA 2022 L.E. is full-bodied, medium-strength and oh so smooth! Flavors of white chocolate, cocoa, vanilla bean, buttercream, cane sugar, leather, cinnamon, pepper, cedar, whipped cream, and coffee bean. WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA 2022 L.E. is insanely good! You are going to LOVE this smoke!

OVEJA NEGRA MADE CIGARS: We thought it would be cool to feature some of our favorite factories in the COTM. Sure, we feature brands, etc., but there are some factories out there that are putting out AMAZING cigars across several different brands (both their own and other people’s). Oveja Negra is one of those factories that is making some absolutely epic cigars. This month’s COTM will feature a selection from one of their productions—BLK WKS, Black Label, Emilio, Dissident, Nomad, etc. You get what I’m saying. Enjoy!

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