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ROJAS RESERVE GUAYACAN EXCLUSIVE (PRE-RELEASE): Oh, Wow! This is one of the most phenomenal cigar projects we’ve ever featured on CigFed! The ROJAS RESERVE GUAYACAN EXCLUSIVE is only available here on CF…and our COTM members get an early taste of this amazing exclusive offering! Full cigar details will be made available upon the cigar’s official release. Until then…ENJOY!
WARPED UPPER REALM: WARPED owner, Kyle Gellis, has worked his magic again on the New WARPED UPPER REALM 2022 - a one time 250 cabinet box release of 200 cigars! (Now SOLD OUT!) Here's what he had to say about the UPPER REALM release: “I wanted to blend something different for Warped. Everything about Upper Realm’s creation has been different – from tobacco sourcing and choice to packaging format...We’re really reaching for a new and higher realm here, and the name Upper Realm was born. This is the first time we are using so much Esteli and Criollo material. The blend is deliberately transitional, and clearly showcases each individual region."
BLACK LABEL DELIVERANCE PORCELAIN: Black Label Deliverance Porcelain is a sister blend to the extremely popular Deliverance Nocturne. They feature the same amazing filler tobaccos...the only difference is that Porcelain has a gorgeous shade-grown Connecticut wrapper. Full-bodied. Medium-strength. The flavors are creamy, peppery, spicy, smooth, and sweet. It's an expertly balanced cigar!

Made at the famous Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, Black Label Deliverance Porcelain is impeccably constructed with a perfect burn. You are gonna dig it!

BLACKBIRD CIGAR CO: I'm sure you've heard of Blackbird Cigar Co. The buzz around this company is incredible! They're a truly boutique company that has burst onto the cigar scene the last couple of years with some incredible blends! Now's your chance to try an amazing Blackbird Cigar! We’ve smoked every single blend Blackbird has released—and our entire staff here at CigFed is extremely impressed! The only complaint we have is that these are hard to come by because they sell out too fast!

PROJECT 7 This cigar is a 100 rating in our book! Project 7 is amazing. And for the price…it’s unbeatable! Flavors begin with notes of creamed coffee, brown sugar, aged leather, and white oak. Notes of vanilla bean, caramel, and butter appear. A warming cinnamon spice is detected on the retrohale. The body builds throughout the cigar with additional flavors of milk chocolate, nutmeg, cane sugar, and espresso beans.
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