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SAINT NICK 2022 CHRISTMAS L.E. (PRE-RELEASE)We take our Christmas stuff seriously! In fact, we've been working on this blend for almost 2 years. Tweaking and changing down to the smallest detail to get this just right. The result is a cigar that is so epic, so magnificent, that you'll be leaving ol' Santa some extra cookies on Christmas Eve! Full cigar details will be released when the cigar is officially launched. Until then…COTM members get to enjoy a sneak-peek!
RODDRIGO LA FORTALEZA ORIGINAL PRODUCTION During the holidays of 2011, Rodrigo owner, George Rodriguez, sent out an email dropping news about a new limited edition cigar that would be released in the following months. We now know it was THIS VERY CIGAR—LA FORTAZLEZA! A Dominican puro featuring an Oscuro wrapper, with Dominican binder and fillers. Like the other like Rodrigos, La Fortaleza was made at William Ventura’s Tabacalera Ventura in the DR. The Rodrigo La Fortaleza shattered the image of the traditional Dominican Puro.  Everything about La Fortaleza is full. It gives you full strength, full flavor and full complexity. Rodrigo La Fortaleza ORIGINAL PRODUCTION has received countless 90+ ratings!
ROJAS STREET TACOS CARNITASROJAS STREET TACOS CARNITAS is literally one of the MOST anticipated cigar releases this year! Seriously, if you’ve had a chance to try the first Barbacoa release…then you know exactly what I’m talking about. ROJAS STREET TACOS CARNITAS uses a Connecticut wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler. Full-bodied, medium-strength. Flavors are amazing! Big notes of heavy cream, milk chocolate, leather, black pepper, raw sugar cane, toasted almonds, white oak, baking spices, coffee beans, and cinnamon. Extremely complex and impeccable balance! So dang good!
EMILIO SUAVE MADURO: Emilio Cigars is a brand with old school roots and new school attitude! That’s why we love it! And I can tell you that the SUAVE MADURO is another epic release! It has all the smooth and creamy notes of the original SUAVE—but with a bold and raucous attitude! The NEW Emilio SUAVE MADURO is produced at Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua. It's been completely re-blended AND got an "extreme makeover" with it's packaging! 

The NEW Emilio SUAVE MADURO is wrapped in a flawless Ecuadorian Maduor wrapper leaf! Binders is Nicaraguan and fillers are Nicaraguan & Dominican. Construction is perfect! Medium-bodied. Medium-strength. Amazing complexity! Flavors of espresso bean, cedar, black pepper, raw sugar, toasted nuts, and toffee. Welcome to Flavor Country, amigo!

WHIPPED CREAM SMALL-BATCH L.E.: I'm just gonna flat-out say it. WHIPPED CREAM Small-Batch Limited Edition should be a $10 cigar. Period! The tobacco used in this baby and the Class 7 cuban rollers that handmade WHIPPED CREAM Small-Batch Limited Edition are some of the best we've ever worked with. WHIPPED CREAM Small-Batch Limited Edition is a medium-strength, smooth little number wrapped in a specially fermented Connecticut wrapper. And it's beautiful. It comes from one of the finest growers of Connecticut tobacco in the industry. Flavors are (you guessed it!) VERY creamy, buttery, and sweet. Milk chocolate, cashew, and toffee all make appearance along the way. The candy like flavors are balanced perfectly with hints of cedar wood. 
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