SOUTHERN DRAW WINTER ROSE (SOLD OUT): Southern Draw owners, Robert and Sharon Holt, blended up one of the most delicious and incredible cigars they’ve ever done! We couldn’t even believe it when we smoked it for the first time! (Their CigFed Exclusives just keep getting better and better!) WINTER ROSE is an intoxicating blend of deep rich flavors! The flavors are intensely complex and the constitution is absolute perfection! The cigar opens with notes of dark chocolate, dark brown sugar, black peppercorn, licorice, dark leather, heavy cream, cedar wood, and espresso. The retrohale is strong adding a warm cinnamon burn. Caramel notes begin to appear after an inch or so, complimented by blasts of dry Cabernet wine, nutmeg, and vanilla bean. White pepper and chocolate frosting linger on the finish. The balance of flavors is amazing! Last third, expect flavors of milk chocolate, spiced rum, custard, all-spice, and coffee beans, buttercream, and cloves. 
EXPLICIT LYRICS LIMITED EDITION XLWe were asked to smoke it by a prominent cigar maker and tobacco grower; who had the hopes of us featuring it as an FDB. I told him that FDB had been closed down. His response in broken English: "Just smoke the MotherF-ing cigar first and then tell me that!" BUT NOW—We intensified the EXPLICIT LYRICS blend…and we upped the size to a 6x52 TORO! Flavors are monumental! Expect notes of ultra-dark chocolate, brown sugar, creamed coffee, white pepper, tanned leather, nougat, espresso beans, candied almond, and dark rum. And yes, in keeping with it’s name...this blend is so damn good that it will probably have you dropping some “F-bombs” in astonishment as you smoke it! (I know I did.)
AGANORSA LEAF VALIDACION: AGANORSA is basically like the "Led Zeppelin of Boutique Cigars". Their cigar-making philosophy, and their legendary tobaccos have influenced an entire generation of boutique brands. Viaje, Ezra Zion, Illusione...their clientele is like a "who's who" in the industry. We are featuring all 4 wrappers in this line—Corojo, Maduro, Habano, and Connecticut. Each one is loaded with the coveted AGANORSA TOBACCO! These are ridiculously good and you’re gonna enjoy big-time!
PLATOON WAR MACHINEAllow us to introduce you to a brand new boutique brand that we have been extremely impressed with…PLATOON CIGARS! We see a lot of new “fly-by-night” cigar brands come and go….but PLATOON CIGARS got our attention big time! I think we’ve got a new superstar brand in the making with this one! WAR MACHINE is wrapped in a gorgeous San Andres leaf. It features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. So this baby is extremely complex! Ok, on to flavors! WAR MACHINE is full-bodied, full-strength. Expect flavor notes of black coffee, dark cocoa powder, raw cane sugar, cream, black pepper, dark earth, raw leather, clove, all-spice, Spanish cedar, and dark chocolate.
SOUTHERN DRAW 300 HANDS: Southern Draw 300 Hands is a limited edition release that pays homage to the 300 pairs of hands--from seed to ash--that it takes to make just one cigar smoking experience! Southern Draw 300 Hands comes in a Habano, Maduro, and Connecticut wrapper. We were some of the first to smoke 300 Hands when it was released...and I gotta tell ya they are amazing! Made at the AJ Fernandez factory in Esteli, Nica, Southern Draw 300 Hands is perfectly constructed by expert rollers. Expect notes of cream, dark chocolate, leather, coffee, graham cracker, earth, and raw cane sugar. Delish!
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