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EZRA ZION TRADITIONAL BOUTIQUE EXCLUSIVE (PRE-RELEASE): The craziest cigar makers on Earth are going “old school”. The boys at Ezra Zion are known for pushing the envelope of cigar making. But the NEW Traditional Boutique is their return to grassroots traditional boutiques. Think of this like Picasso painting some Bob Ross landscapes. Full-bodied, Medium-strength. Corojo 99 wrappper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. It’s retro. It’s old school. It’s nostalgic. It’s Cubanesque Ezra Zion!
BLK WKS KILLER BEE CONNECTICUTBLK WKS makes some of the coolest cigars in the history of the world! Every single one of them is an absolute work of art! To say we are huge fans would be an extreme understament! If you remember…BLK WKS originally released KILLER BEE CONNECTICUT in a super small batch production—back in 2018! (It sold out so fast that our servers literally couldn’t keep up!) Flavors are awesome! Big, bold, and rich. Notes of cream, pepper, dark chocolate, leather, nuts, and coffee. So complex and oh so delicious! Our opinion...best BLK WKS release yet! Seriously!
CHICK MAGNET SPECIAL EDITIONOne of the earliest Cigar Federation Tobacos releases IS BACK...and this time it’s  BETTER than ever before! So, we took the tobaccos and added some tobaccos from our aging warehouse—and re-blended CHICK MAGNET into a $13+ cigar any day of the week! Seriously, it’s freakin’ unbelievable! Expect notes of chocolate chips, caramel, heavy cream, frosting, whiskey barrel, aged leather, cinnamon stick, coffee beans, white pepper, and powdered sugar. (All the flavors you love, but aged to the point that they have achieved that highest level possible in a cigar!)

HVC CERRO NATURAL: HVC is fast becoming one of the hottest boutique brands in the industry! Their expert blending prowess and top quality tobaccos have landed them some high-ratings and rave reviews! HVC CERRO NATURAL is an amazing cigar featuring a Corojo wrapper. Medium/full bodied with flavor notes of earth, chocolate, dark leather, cream, cane sugar, baking spices…and that extra Nicaraguan “X-factor” that only comes from the absolute best Nica tobaccos!

1502 CIGARS RUBY: The love we have—and the FedHeads—have for 1502 is awesome! Owner, Enrique Sanchez, is a personal friend and a great cigar maker! The 1502 Ruby is a very highly acclaimed beauty! Medium-strength but full-flavored with notes of leather, dried fruit, cocoa, toasted nuts, coffee beans, and spice!

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