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February 2020 Cigar of the Month

SNITCHES GET STITCHES SPECIAL EDITION: Oh this cigar is gonna rock your world! Snitches Get Stitches is one of the most popular Cigar Federation Tobacos blends of all time! We've made it even better...with an updated blend and a new skinny churchill vitola! Flavors are so deep and so rich. Notes of dark chocolate, leather, espresso, brown sugar, creamed coffee, vanilla, and cedar. Just to name a few! (Hopefully this will be a full CFT release. Until then, it's exclusively available in the CigFed Cigar Of The Month Club!)
LIGERO BY MORNING: -->SOLD OUT IN JUST HOURS! LIGERO BY MORNING is a raucous, full-throttle blend with all the rich, delicious flavors you've come to expect in a COLOR PROJECT release! PLUS, it's got enough octane to sit you down and let you know who's boss!  FLAVORS: Dark chocolate, coffee beans, leather, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, buttercream, all-spice, licorice, cedar wood, and caramel. 
FRATELLO CIGARS: Fratello is one of the top brands on CigFed Store. The following and the fans of Fratello are amazing! Owner Omar de Frias works with some of the top factories in the world to produce a true boutique cigar smoking experience! Fratello cigars are med/full strength with nice body and flavor complexity. 
LA AURORA CIGARS: I know what you're thinking..."La Aurora? How is La Aurora a boutique cigar?" Let me tell you a little sumtin'...La Aurora has been making phenomenal cigars since Theodore Roosevelt was President of the Untied States! You don't last that long in this biz if you don't know what you're doing! La Aurora makes some of the smoothest and silkiest cigar blends in the world. Their factory is the stuff of legends. And the awards they've won...I can't even begin to tell you. Anyway...you're gonna dig it!
FOUNDATION CIGAR CO: There's only one word to describe Foundation..."WOW!" Every cigar they put out is a friggin' masterpiece. Foundation owner and master blender, Nick Melillo, has honed his cigar-making craft for years; first at DE and now with his own brand. This guy is an expert and the cigars speak for themselves. Every blend could win a Cigar of the Year Award. Enjoy!
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