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Xikar HumiStore 50

Xikar HumiStore Crystal Humidifier

$12.71 $24.95

A handy cross between standard foam humidifiers and crystals, the HumiStore Crystal Humidifier is a magnetic, clear polycarbonate case, prefilled with Xikar's humidification crystals. Designed to keep your humidor at 70% humidity, all the time. When the crystal shrink to about half their original size, just refill them with PG Solution and you are good to go again!

  • Crystal 50: (816XI) 2 1/4in. across, 1/2in. thick. Maintains up to 50 cigars in a volume of 500 cubic inches at 70%
  • Crystal 100: (817XI) 3 1/4in. across, 3/4in. thick. Maintains up to 100 cigars in a volume of 850 cubic inches at 70%
  • Crystal 250: (818XI) 6 1/2in. across, 2 1/2in. tall, 1/2+ thick. Maintains up to 250 cigars in a volume of 1250 cubic inches at 70%
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