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VIAJE Skull and Bones MOAB & FOAB

VIAJE Skull and Bones MOAB & FOAB



VIAJE Skull and Bones MOAB and FOAB are VERY limited small-batch releases from Viaje!

MOAB stands for the "Mother Of All Bombs". And FOAB--you guessed it--stands for the "Father Of All Bombs!"

These first hit the market way back in 2011 and were quickly gobbled up by boutique smokers around the globe. 

They've been released in extremely small-batch projects since then...but you were lucky if you ever saw one. Most sold out from pre-orders before they even hit store shelves!

VIAJE Skull and Bones MOAB and FOAB are just downright phenomenal smokes! Expertly blended and constructed. I've personally been able to get a few of these over the years, and they're some of the most prized cigars in my humidor!

Now's your chance to get your hands on some of these extremely limited Viaje cigars! But, don't wait! We only have a few boxes of them and they will be gone in a flash! 

NOTE: To make a box purchase, simply order FIVE 5-Packs. 

Get Yours NOW!

VIAJE Skull and Bones MOAB & FOAB has a rating of 5.0 stars out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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