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Viaje Exclusivo Collector's Edition 2018 Sampler

Viaje Exclusivo Collector's Edition 2018 Sampler


When the Viaje Exclusivo 2018 was released it was really limited. Like "we only got 1 box of each" kind of limited!

They were gone so fast that a lot of the FedHeads didn't get a chance to smoke 'em. And that's not cool with us! We gotta take care of our people! 

So, we were able to procure a couple more boxes--because we know people who know people! :)

We thought it would be best to put the two Viaje Exclusivo 2018 Blends into a nice sampler so you'd get to try out each one! 

Here's What You Get... 2 - Viaje Exclusivo Short Perfecto 2 - Viaje Exclusivo Leaded Short Perfecto 

These are magnificent cigars! Viaje really did something special with these!

To make things even cooler...we're going to do a raffle for the humidor boxes once the cigars are all sold. To enter, just buy a Viaje Exclusivo 2018 Sampler!

We'll reach out to the winners via email. 

Get Yours NOW!

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