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Toscano Cigars

Toscano Cigars


These are the original "Old School" cigars! 

Toscano Cigar are made from Kentucky tobacco plants that were imported and re-planted in Tuscany, Italy over 2 centuries ago!

I know that we're all used to really pretty cigars with perfect shiny wrappers. But that is more of a recent development for cigars. For centuries, people have been smoking cigars that look just like Tuscano!

Tuscano is a true "nostalgic" cigar. It's kind of like driving a classic may not have all the modern ascetics, but there's just that historic magic that makes it so freakin' cool. 

Tuscano is a fire-cured cigar, Italian-grown, Kentucky-seed cigar. Because of how they're cured, no humidification is required. You can keep them in your glove box, backpack, locker, whatever...and they'll stay good.

Flavors are bold. Big notes of espresso, wood, earth, sugar, and a rich fire-cured smokey character. 

Plus, you can even cut these things in half and smoke it. Share it with a friend or just save the other half for later. It's the most durable and rugged cigar on the market.

Hey, we're all cigar snobs here and you're thinking what I was thinking when offered my first Toscano. But just smoke it and you'll really like it! After all, these guys have been kicking ass as this since James Madison was the President!

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