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Tatuaje The BRIDE Skinny Monsters Sampler

Tatuaje The BRIDE Skinny Monsters Sampler

$79.95 $90.95

Trick or Treat, FedHeads!

We've been saving 2 boxes of The BRIDE to do this sampler for you! One is a dress box and one in an undressed box. (See the picture!)

(We've looked everywhere....and The BRIDE is completely Sold Out everywhere else!)

Do the math. We only have 2 boxes (a 13ct & a 10ct.) we only have 23 samplers!

PLUS...we are going to select 2 customers who order this Tatuaje The BRIDE Skinny Monsters Sampler to get either the empty BRIDE dressed or undressed box!

Halloween has come early this year and it's time to get your share of the goodies!

The Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Sampler features some of the absolute coolest Tatuaje blends ever released: The Monster Series! Now's your chance to get a whole lotta the Monster releases in one legit sampler!

These are the "Skinny Monsters" version, which comes in a 6x38 petite lancero vitola! They smoke soooo good! 

Oh...and it's at a price that is unbelievable! 

Here's What You Get: Tatuaje Skinny Monster Frank Tatuaje Skinny Monster Drac Tatuaje Skinny Monster Face Tatuaje Skinny Monster Wolf Tatuaje Skinny Monster Mummy Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jason Tatuaje Skinny Monster Jekyll Tatuaje Skinny Monster  Hyde Tatuaje Skinny Monster Chuck  Tatuaje Skinny Monster The BRIDE . MSRP is over $90.00. You can get it now for ONLY $79.95! VERY LIMITED! GET YOURS NOW!
Tatuaje The BRIDE Skinny Monsters Sampler has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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