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Tatuaje Mexican Experiment (ME & ME 2)

Tatuaje Mexican Experiment (ME & ME 2)



We've been waiting on pins and needles ever since IPCPR to get the NEW Tatuaje Mexican Experiment and Mexican Experiment 2!

We got to light these blends up and take them for a test drive (don't tell anyone!) Gotta tell ya....the best cigars we smoked at the entire IPCPR trade show!

These are 100% freaking next level smokes!

The legend of the Tatuaje Mexican Experiment is well known in the cigar world. Originally released way back in 2011, it was a super small-batch-limited release from Pete Johnson. But they were released regionally in dribs and you couldn't ever get one. You'd only hear about them (or see them on social media.) got even better with the release of the ULTRA-LIMITED Tatuaje Mexican Experiment 2! (There's only 1000 bundles made of ME-2!)

Tatuaje Mexican Experiment has become the "gold-standard" by which all other San Andres maduro cigars are measured. Like the commercial says..."it doesn't raise the is the bar!"

Flavors are rich and decadent! Big notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, earth, black pepper, cream, coffee beans, espresso, brown sugar, leather, and nuts. 

The balance and construction are exactly perfect!

I don't mean to get too "cigar nerd" about ME and ME-2. But, there are times that warrant and little bit of a freak out over something that is truly special. And this is one of those times!

NOTE: EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES! I can't stress to you how limited these cigars are! If you only get 1 cigar this year...make it the Tatuaje Mexican Experiment!

Word to the wise: Get a box (bundle) of each before they're gone!

Get Yours NOW! 

Tatuaje Mexican Experiment (ME & ME 2) has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

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