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Saint Nick: Christmas Exclusive

Saint Nick: Christmas Exclusive


Christmas time is when we all bust out the best stuff in our humidor, right? We know that any Christmas Blend cigar we release has to exceed even the most revered cigars in your humidor--the one's you've been saving for special occasions.

Backstory: We take our Christmas stuff seriously! In fact, we've been working on this blend for over a year. Tweaking and changing down to the smallest detail to get this just right. The result is a cigar that is so epic, so magnificent, that you'll be leaving ol' Santa some extra cookies on Christmas Eve!

Saint Nick is a full bodied, full strength 5x52 boxed-pressed short toro. Wrapped in an 8-year-aged San Andres maduro leaf, it's laid over an exquisite blend of ligero tobaccos from Nica, Peru, and some secret stuff too! (Yes, that rhymed but it's Christmas so just go with it.)

First third is mind-blowing! Strong and complex. Rich flavors of cocoa, hickory wood, and vanilla bean hit the palate immediately. The finish is dark coffee, clove, and brown sugar. The burn through the nose adds a note of white pepper.

As it progresses, the spicy quality of the tobacco begins to grow. The richness of the tobaccos begins to grow deeper adding a buttery character to the finish. The balance of the blend makes the mouth water. It's utterly delicious! 

It gets better and better all the way to the nub!

If you only smoke one CFT cigar this needs to be Saint Nick! We always do our best to fully describe the flavors and the quality of the cigars we release. Trust me, this ain't no hyperbole...these are just on a whole other level!

Make this the best Christmas of your life and get Saint Nick before they are SOLD OUT! Get yours NOW!

Merry Christmas!!

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