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Providencia The Hostage

Providencia The Hostage


The Hostage is a brand new release from Providencia Cigars!

Providencia Cigars came on the scene with several popular blends, including the wildly popular Trinitas. 

The Hostage is a San Andres maduro box-pressed toro. Fillers are from Indonesia, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

The Hostage is a full-bodied, full-strength cigar. Flavors are coffee, cocoa, pepper, cream, wood, and licorice. 

Very complex! And oh so delicious!

The Hostage is produced at the La Pequena Vega Cigar Factory in Danli, Honduras. And folks, this is a truly "boutique factory". A small operation that takes the time to put care and attention into everything they do!

The Hostage tells the harrowing story of Providencia Cigars founder Jim Faber who was held at gun point in the parking lot of a youth soccer field in Honduras.

Faber, who lived in Honduras from 1997-2011 has a deep love for the area and the citizens of this beautiful Central American country. It is this love that drove him to create a cigar and pay tribute to those that saved his life that day. 

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