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Providencia Cigars El Santo

Providencia Cigars El Santo


If you look in my personal humidor right now, you're gonna see a whole bunch of Providencia Cigars El Santo! There's one reason for it...flavor, flavor, FLAVOR!

Being a brand new boutique cigar company, these guys absolutely hit it out of the park right out of the gate with the El Santo! 

Providencia Cigars El Santo is wrapped in an aged Sumatran-seed Nicaraguan Maduro leaf. The fillers are grown in their private fields and rolled in their own factory in Honduras. 

Providencia Cigars El Santo is full-bodied and robust. Strength is medium/full. 

Flavors include loads of dark chocolate, coffee bean, and cream. A subtle earthy taste on the finish. Additional notes of anise, black pepper, and burnt sugar make the Providencia Cigars El Santo a friggin' masterpiece!

Fully expect to see Providencia Cigars El Santo on Top Cigar of the Year list come this December. It's hella good!

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Providencia Cigars El Santo has a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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