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Love Potion

Love Potion


Love Potion is the coolest cigar we've ever done. Look at that perfecto shape! Now respect it!

Backstory: We came across THE expert at rolling perfectos. Chance meeting in back alley. Really weird stuff. Anyway, we got to talking and he turned out to be a really great guy and a fantastic cigar roller from a factory that will remain nameless. 

After sorting through their tobacco and blending--what is in my opinion--the best cigar to ever come out of their factory, Love Potion was born. 

Love Potion is a straight-up work of art! It's a classic perfecto 6x52 shape and has a 10-year-aged dark Ecuadoran wrapper! Yeah, it's really oily, really old and really good!

Love Potion is full bodied and medium strength. The flavors are deep and rich! They include chipotle and cayenne pepper, a strong mocha character, and dolce de leche sweetness.

Along the way, our panel picked up notes of hickory, black cherry, tanned leather, dried fruit, heavy whipping cream, Spanish cedar, and earth.

The complexity and balance in Love Potion is a thing of beauty!

I've always wanted to do a cigar that was shaped like the cigars the bad guys smoked in the old time cartoons. (The only damn cartoons worth watching.)

It's time to quit your grinnin', drop your linen, and Get Yours NOW!

Total Production: 250

Love Potion has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

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