La Familia Robaiña Ilegal

La Familia Robaiña Ilegal

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When you've been making cigars since're pretty much the biggest badass in the industry! 

The storied legacy of the Robaiña family is known throughout the cigar world. We are honored to be the first to offer their latest release in their 174 year history....La Familia Robaiña Ilegal.

->Now first thing's first...that’s no spelling error—it's the Spanish spelling of Illegal. Only one "L".

(The name "ILEGAL" comes from when they were blending...they told each other "it's so good, it should be ilegal!")

La Familia Robaiña Ilegal comes in 3 wrappers in 3 sizes each...HABANO, CONNECTICUT, and SAN ANDRES MADURO!

The blend recipe for La Familia Robaiña Ilegal is a secret...BUT I have it on good authority that they feature some combination of filler tobaccos from four countries—Peru, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and U.S. tobacco from Pennsylvania.

Spencer Drake (one of the owners) said this about Ilegal: “This is a line of cigars that we are truly proud of. We leaned on a couple of friends to help out with some of the blends. Adrian Acosta helped blend our Ecuadorian Habano and Esteban Disla of Nica Sueño helped us out with the Mexican San Andres. All of the cigars have over 6 months of age before hitting the shelves."

Let me give you some first hand information because I've smoked all 3 Ilegal blends. Every one of them is awesome! They're what you'd expect from an expert cigar maker whose family has been doing this for 174 years!

The blends are light, medium, and full in the Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro, respectively. But each of them is loaded with amazing flavors!

BOTTOM LINE...La Familia Robaiña Ilegal is exquisite!

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