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Warped La Colmena No. 44

Warped La Colmena No. 44


There is almost nothing else you can say about Warped Cigars. We need to start inventing new adjectives to describe how completely EPIC every one of their blends is!

Warped La Colmena No. 44 is at the top of the list of great cigars. These are rolled at the El Titan de Bronze by literally (no joke) two guys. That's it! That kind of OCD quality control and genuine small batch production is what puts Warped on another level. 

Oh...and their cigars are crazy delicious!

Warped La Colmena No. 44 flavors are creamy and delectable. Notes of graham cracker, nuts, cocoa, cream, and honey-like sweetness. 

Constructed in the classic Cuban style with a traditional "fan" cap, it's a head-turner for sure.

Worth every damn penny! Get Yours NOW!

Warped La Colmena No. 44 has a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

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