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La Aurora Preferido 2011-2014 VINTAGE

La Aurora Preferido 2011-2014 VINTAGE


We're very rarely ever awestruck by cigars...but we were totally awestruck by these!!

It's good to know people with aging warehouses, I can tell ya that. A lot of phenomenal cigars get stored and aged for years and years...only to be discovered at a later date. It's like finding buried treasure!

That's what happened with these vintage La Aurora Preferido robustos. These are vintage cigars from 2011-2014 production respectively: 

La Aurora Preferido Robusto COROJO: 2011 VINTAGE La Aurora Preferido Robusto MADURO: 2013 VINTAGE La Aurora Preferido Robusto ECUADOR: 2014 VINTAGE La Aurora Preferido Robusto CONNECTICUT: 2014 VINTAGE .

These have been aging for years...safe in their boxes at a pristine 70 degrees and 70% humidity!

The results are nothing short of miraculous!! The extra years of aging has turned these from amazing cigars into an absolute top-shelf masterpiece!

These vintage La Aurora Preferido Robustos are for the true cigar connoisseur. The complexity and depth of flavor from such aged tobacco production is fully appreciated by the seasoned smoker

NOTE: THESE ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED! Obviously we can't get any more. We only have a couple boxes of each...so HURRY!


P.S. If a blend doesn't appear in the Drop Down Menu it's because it's already SOLD OUT!

La Aurora Preferido 2011-2014 VINTAGE has a rating of 5.0 stars out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

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