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Blanco Blending Seminar Kit

Jose Blanco Blending Seminar Kit

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Have you ever wanted to attend a blending seminar to learn how cigars are blended and tone your palette? But there is never one near enough to your location for you to go? Then we have good news for you! Well, even if you haven't, you will now.

We have created the first ever on-demand blending seminar. This means you can watch anytime, with anyone, from anywhere with an internet connection!

Below you can read about the seminar and if you still have questions check out the FAQ page.

Jose Blanco, owner of Las Cumbres Tobacco and the man behind The Señorial, not to mention a HUGE list of other cigar blends, will be doing a live, ONLINE blending seminar right here! 

Your blending packet will include: (1) Tasting Note Card, (1) Four Wrapper Blending Cigar, (2) Binder/Filler Only Blending Cigars and (3) Señorials. That's SIX cigars! This will be different than Jose's previous sessions because we have the binder/filler cigars to smoke before and during the on-demand seminar and he will be going more in depth, with much more information.

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