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Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa


Hot Cocoa is the first maduro we've ever had as a Factory Direct Boutique!

We were given this cigar by the owner of one of the best boutique factories in the biz. (Award-winning in fact!)

He asked us to smoke one with him so we could give him our expert opinion. As we clipped the cap and lit it up he told us that this was his "Hot Cocoa" blend.

Right outta the gate, the chocolate flavors knocked our socks off! We had to get some of these pronto!

Hot Cocoa is a medium strength 5x50 flavor bomb! Flavors are (of course) chocolate, cedar, cream, coffee, and nuts. Some leather in there's too.

We are doing our darndest to get some more of these but for now...we only have less than 300 of these beautiesGobble these up and hoard them!

You don't wanna miss Hot Cocoa! Get Yours NOW!

Hot Cocoa has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 based on 7 reviews.

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