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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog

$4.95 $84.50

Steve Saka outdoes himself with Umbagog! Our only gripe is that they are just too dang limited!!

Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is the first budget minded release from the company. The prices on these cigars are insanely affordable! 

In fact, I don't think you can find a cigar of this caliber for this price!

The Umbagog uses the Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers which were deemed as not being visually appealing enough for the Mi Querida line. We can't tell a difference. All we know is that it's an amazing cigar for an amazing price!

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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Umbagog has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 based on 18 reviews.

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