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Dapper Cigars 6 CT. Sampler

Dapper Cigars 6 CT. Sampler


Dapper Cigars was one of our favorite cigar companies at the IPCPR trade show! They are 100%, real-deal, every sense of the word!

Their cigars are absolutely magic! Every single blend is a home run! Every. Single. One!

Dapper is a fairly new boutique company and you may or may not have heard of them. But, I guarantee you, that you're gonna be hearing a lot about them. Their commitment to excellence (perfection) is obvious from the first puff of every one of their cigars. 

Now's your chance to try several Dapper Cigars blends and really get the true experience with this phenomenal brand!

Here's What You Get: 1 - Dapper El Borracho Natural Toro (6 x 54) 1 -Dapper El Borracho Maduro Toro (6 x 54) 1 - Dapper La Madrina Natural Corona (5.62 x 46) 1 - Dapper La Madrina Natural Robusto (5.62 x 50) 1 - Dapper Siempre Sun Grown Toro (6.125 x 50)  1 - Dapper Cubo Sumatra Toro (6.12 x 50) . MSRP for these 6 amazing cigars is over $66! You can get them for a limited time for ONLY $49.95! We only have a few Dapper Samplers Available!  Get Yours NOW!

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