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BASKET CASE is one of the most unique cigars we've ever smoked!

BACKSTORYThis blend was given to us to try on a recent trip to a factory. The owner wanted our expert opinion on a very special project he was working on--something smooth, mellow, and sophisticated. 

We lit the cigar up...and was really unique! We're used to smoking very strong Nicaraguan tobaccos and the like.

It was different BUT delish!

When we asked about the blend we were told that it was an experimental blend with experimental tobaccos--and as such--no blend info would be provided. (Experimental blend, experimental tobaccos...hence the name BASKET CASE.)

We told him to quit being such a damn tease....and that we absolutely had to have whatever he'd rolled so we could share some with the FedHeads! After a few minutes of verbal judo he agreed to let us have ONLY 300 of these cigars

BASKET CASE is an ultra-smooth, medium-strength torpedo. 

Flavors are very refined and very creamy. White pepper and cinnamon spice along with cedar, cocoa, and syrup. Additional notes of baking spice, nuts, and leather.

We've been pairing BASKET CASE with medium roasted coffee and/or Scotch. It's a freakin' show-stopper!

These are SUPER LIMITED! Get these beauties before they are long gone!

Get Yours NOW!

BASKET CASE has a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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