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Casa Fernandez Aniversario Miami 2019

Casa Fernandez Aniversario Miami 2019


*We literally begged and pleaded for a few more boxes of these....and we finally got a few!**

If there's one company that I could nominate as the best tobacco with the best blends...IT WOULD BE CASA FERNANDEZ! (Now called Aganorsa Leaf.)

They are the largest tobacco grower in all of Nicaragua. And they are responsible for producing some of the best tobacco the world has ever known. 

So many boutique companies use Aganorsa tobacco in their cigars. The contribution Aganorsa tobacco has made to the boutique cigar industry cannot be overstated.

So I'm gonna fall all over myself when talking about the Casa Fernandez Aniversario Miami BOX-PRESS 2019.

This is --no joke--one of the best cigars we've ever smoked in our smoking career. And if you think that's just hype...then I dare you to smoke it and see what you think then. 

The Casa Fernandez Aniversario is made of the absolute choicest Aganorsa tobacco. The 2019 Aniversario is a BOX-PRESSED perfecto size featuring a magnificent Corojo 99 wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler.

This cigar is rolled by one lady in the Miami factory...ONE LADY! Her name is Elizabeth Rodil. Each one is painstakingly hand crafted, and it's perfect!

Flavors are completely amazing. Full-bodied, Medium/Full strength with notes of cream, chocolate, vanilla, cedar, oak, coffee bean, leather, caramel, and anise.

**It's more complex than I can describe! You just have to smoke it to understand!

NOTE: The TOTAL PRODUCTION of this cigar is 250 boxes of 10 cigars! And that's for the entire Planet Earth! AND WE ONLY GOT 6 BOXES!!

Ok. I think I've made my point. My cigar nerd is in full effect for this cigar!


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