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Beer Pong

Beer Pong


If you haven't smoked a cigar while playing a rousing game of Beer just haven't lived!

Lemme just reminisce for a second....Back in my collage days--red SOLO cup in hand--life was a perpetual party!

The excitement and the craziness of those "glory days" are embodied in the Beer Pong blend!

Beer pong is a full-bodied, full-strength 5x50 wrapped in a 6-year-aged Colorado leaf. Fillers are Indonesian and Nicaraguan.

Beer Pong tastes guessed it...dark beer! 

First light brings flavors of dark chocolate, oak, and beer hops. The gentle spice is exactly like you'd taste from the first swig of a pint. Retrohale adds a cayenne pepper burn.

The finish is very creamy with hints of coffee bean.

Beer Pong stays rowdy but smooth throughout. Along the way, additional flavors of caramel, vanilla, and tanned leather appear. Hints of cashew and almond join the party too.

Holy Sh*t! Beer Pong is a phenomenal cigar! I'm sitting here smoking it now and it's blowing my mind!

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