.45 ACP
.45 ACP
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.45 ACP

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I had to make a cigar that looked like a bullet. Pure and simple. 

Being a lifelong member of the NRA, a cigar maker, and a Texan, it's almost mandatory that I make a firearm related cigar if I want to keep my man card.

Those are the rules, son!

Any cigar that has ammo or gun branding also has to deliver in attitude and flavor. Well, hells bells, the .45 ACP does just that and does it in spades.

.45 ACP is a fiery 4x48 rothschild vitola wrapped in Criollo 98 wrapper. And let me tell you, this wrapper leaf is like butter!

This wrapper was in the private stash of the Master Blender at the factory where we made this project. I had to get the dude drunk, beat his ass at dominoes, and promise to give him a kidney (should he ever need it)--just to get my hands on it. 

.45 ACP is loaded with ligero. Badass luscious ligero! I think ligero should be the f*cking 6th food group. Can I get a "hell yeah"?

Don't get me wrong. I don't sacrifice balance for strength. I'm too long in this game for rookie mistakes like that, playa. All my cigars are perfectly balanced. They're like me: lovers and fighters. 

Flavors I taste on this raucous little b*tch are as follows: jalapeño, white pepper. vanilla bean, whipped cream, cedar, sweet tea.

The tasting panel also tasted Gin (no kidding), dry champagne, leather, dried fruit, cocoa, and caramel.

Body and strength are both full--but you gotta retrohale to get the full monty (read: smoke like a man!)

.45 ACP is a total BAMF (look it up). I passed some of these around to several cigar makers at IPCPR and they were shocked at my blending prowess. Rave reviews!

Get these while you can because my sh*t sells out fast! Really fast. Hey, you don't be the guy who misses .45 ACP...and is left shooting blanks!

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