Cigar of the Month Club Process

There is no doubt our Cigar of the Month Club rocks, but we have seen some pain points come up from our customers around the following....

  • Needing to place a new order vs. just updating credit card information
  • Not being able to skip a delivery without cancelling your subscriptions
  • Not being able to check out with other product with your CotM

Starting on 5/1/2016 we have taken this feedback and made changes to fix these issues. Below outlines how the new process will work. We hope these changes provide a better experience for our Cigar of the Month Club members.

Here is how it works...

When you are on the Cigar of the Month Club product page, you will see the "Add to Cart" button has been replaced with the "Signup" button. When you are ready to place your order hit the "Order" button. This will add the CotM to your cart. You would just checkout like normal. Please note if you wish to purchase other items with your CotM you can do so. 

Once you have placed your order you can manage your subscription from your account. At the top of the store click Log In. If you haven't created an account please do or email us at and we can help you out.

Log In to Cigar Federation

Once you have logged in you should see the following.

Your Account

Click Manage Subscriptions. This will take you to the main screen. It will show all of your subscriptions. If you wish to modify or change something with your CotM you can by clicking the Edit link. From here you can edit/skip delivery or dates, change quantity, change your shipping/billing address, update your credit card information, or cancel your membership.

We hope this new process makes it easier on all of our Cigar of the Month Club customers. If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at

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