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Subscription Products

We have a pretty nifty way for you to get your favorite/go-to cigars. Very similar to Amazon's "Subscribe and Save", you can automate your cigar purchasing! Simply pick your cigars and then choose to have them delivered every 30,60 or 90 days. Don't worry. Once you place your order you can pick a custom delivery schedule, such as every six months.

If you order a 5-pack you'll get an instant 10% off! This means that if you have a community discount or other code, you can stack it! Once you start a recurring order, the price will remain the same until you cancel the subscription. Change your mind? Have too many cigars all of a sudden? No problem, you can skip a delivery or you can cancel anytime.

After you have started your first subscription, any subscriptions you add afterwards will not require you to place a new order with your credit card. Simply add the products via your account and you are done.