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TRUE STORY...The first time I was handed this cigar to try at a factory I was not expecting much. 

The wrappers were rough and not that pretty. The caps were a little sloppy. I thought "here we go again with another lousy cigar someone wants me to try."

BOY, WAS I WRONG! (And I was so glad I was.)

This cigar absolutely impressed the hell outta me! Deep rich flavors. Long complex finish and perfectly balanced. I "judged a book by it's cover"....and I was wrong. 

It was edgy. It was delicious. It damn PUNK ROCK!

BUT!...we went back to the factory and told them we wanted more but we wanted it to be prettied up! So now PUNK ROCK has gorgeous wrappers with even better tobaccos! It's 10x better than before!

PUNK ROCK is a super-toro barber pole made with San Andres, Connecticut, and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Full-bodied with med/full strength. 

Flavors of leather, cocoa, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, espresso, heavy cream, and sugar. 

We were able to wrestle another 20 bundles of these--400 cigars in total--from this factory. The reason there are so few is because the tobaccos are very limited and rare. But we had to get at least a little taste for the FedHeads! 🤘🏼

You're gonna dig these! But get them while they last! 

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PUNK ROCK has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

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