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MOFO Box-Press

MOFO Box-Press


MOFO Box-Press was made for those who like big, bold cigars! This ain't no wimpy smoke!

MOFO Box-Press is an amazing box-pressed super toro 6x60. Normally, we're not fans of larger ring gauge stuff, but MOFO is the exception to that rule. It's just too good not to smoke...a lot!

MOFO Box-Press is wrapped in a 5-year-aged San Andres Maduro leaf! The fillers are sourced from 4 different countries: Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, and Indonesia.

I'm sitting here smoking one right now. It's overwhelming how complex the flavors are in this cigar! It's a freight train of flavor and balance!

Huge amounts of coffee and dark chocolate. Bold cedar wood notes, whiskey blasts, and creamy finish. Throughout the cigar hints of hazelnut, white pepper, anise, clove, and vanilla bean are detected. Full-bodied, full-strength!

MOFO Box-Press is WAY better than a lot of cigar I've tried that cost over $12.00! Not even close!

MOFO Box-Press is a 90+ Rated cigar in terms of quality, complexity, and balance. Trust me, it's truly a very special cigar! 


Total Production: 310

MOFO Box-Press has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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