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HendriX Special Edition
HendriX Special Edition
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HendriX Special Edition

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Crank up the music and wake the neighbors!

We're EXTREMELY excited to get a few more bundles of one of the new Factory Direct Boutique exclusives...HendriX Special Edition!

HendriX Special Edition is an updated (better) HendriX blend. It utilizes even higher quality tobaccos! (And some higher primings!)

It’s even smoother, richer, and more epically delicious!

Backstory: A couple years ago, I was smoking with a buddy in the cigar industry. His brand is one of the most popular boutique brands in the world...with the rating and awards to prove it!

He gives me this cigar and tells me to try it. As I'm lighting it up he says "This cigar was gonna be the top price point cigar in our portfolio. MSRP was gonna be $15. But we decided to use a little bit different wrapper, so now we have a few bundles of these to smoke ourselves."

After smoking it for a few minutes (and LOVING it!) I told him, "I've got to have these for the FedHeads! This blend is so smooth and so rich. People will go as crazy for this blend as I am!"

After a little arm twisting...he finally agreed!  

(By the way...I told him he was insane for changing the wrapper too.)

HendriX Special Edition is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6x52 classic toro. It features a 5-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers.

The character of the cigar is extremely smooth with a deep maduro flavors. 

First third flavors include dark chocolate, cedar wood, fresh-brewed coffee, and raw sugar. The finish has a wave of heavy cream and cinnamon. 

Second third flavors are so smooth. Milk chocolate, cafe latte, caramel, and pepper. 

Last third the flavors get toasty. Notes of molasses, almond, clove, licorice, and leather.

HendriX Special Edition is an absolutely phenomenal cigar! Hey, where else are you gonna get a $15 cigar for under $6 bucks?!?!

NOTE: We only have a few bundles of HendriX Special Edition cigars! It's Extremely Limited! You're gonna have to hurry if you don't want to miss it!

Get Yours NOW! 

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