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Viaje Exclusivo 2018

Viaje Exclusivo 2018


**This is a BRAND NEW cigar release!**

Don't get it confused with the Viaje Exclusivo Collector's Edition. (Those were 2 blends that were short belicosos.)

This is something entirely different...and entirely NEW!

Rumor has it that Viaje Exclusivo originally started out as a personal blend for company founder Andre Farkas. Over the years, these Exclusivo releases have evolved into better and better blends. They're made at Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas and features all Aganorsa tobaccos!

I sound like a broken record when it comes to recent Viaje releases: "These are limited. These are limited. These are limited!" 

But, that's the way Viaje does things...really good cigars in really small batches!

Flavors for the Viaje Exclusivo 2018 are cocoa, dark chocolate, earth, baking spice, buttercream, earth, and pepper. It's so complex and so deletable. You're gonna love it!

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