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Tiger Kitty Soft Paws

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws


**We got just a few more 5 packs back in stock.**

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws is one of the "Greatest Hits" in the history of CigFed releases! 

We get so many emails from people who want us to bring back TKSP. Hey, we heard you loud and clear! It's dream come true time, amigos!

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws is a collaboration project with our friend James Brown (Black Label Trading Company, BLK WKS) at their Oveja Negra factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws is a full-bodied, medium strength 5x52 Connecticut wrapped masterpiece. The tobacco under the hood of TKSP is even better than the original release. (The wrapper leaf is so golden and silky that you just almost want to eat it.)

Flavors: Heavy cream, butter, dark chocolate, Spanish cedar, caramel, coffee, black pepper. The balance and burn are perfection!

If the GreenGo release is any indication...these will be gone REALLY fast! We only have 1000 Tiger Kitty Soft Paws, so we'd recommend getting them quick (and loading up your humidor too!)

Get Yours NOW!

Tiger Kitty Soft Paws has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 based on 24 reviews.

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