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Risqué is first "official" Ezra Zion release for Cigar Federation Tobacos!

As you'd expect, the boys from Texas showed up with guns blazing. Shooting first and asking questions later!

Let me be blunt. This is some next level sh*t! Risqué is a no holds barred blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos that these guys had aging in the secret tobacco vault at EZHQ. (You gotta have a f*ckin' top secret clearance, a background check, and a very awkward TSA screening just to get into the place.)

The Risqué blend was finalized while "Back In The Saddle" by Aerosmith was blaring throughout their blending lab, and that rock-n-roll attitude is fully embodied in this masterpiece of a cigar!

Risque is a 6x50 toro wrapped in a silky Corojo 99 leaf laid over visos and ligeros from Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega. Full bodied and med/full strength. 

Flavors of toffee, cafe latte, and leather start from the first puff. The body from the Condega tobacco is very apparent. Notes of milk chocolate and cinnamon emerge as things gain steam. Blasts of cedar and clove make the tongue tingle.

Also detected are flavors of sugar cane, sweet tea, butterscotch, and hickory.

Can I just cut to the chase? Risqué is the best CFT release so far! No bulls*t! I'm not ashamed to admit it! I've been to Niagara Falls. I've seen Mount Kilimanjaro. Hell, I've seen the pyramids in Egypt. None of those things can compare to the ecstasy that is Risqué. 

Call that hyperbole if you want. But I've got a massive "cigar-crush" on Risqué and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Risque will undoubtedly be gone in minutes. No BS! In true Ezra fashion, they could only make about 800 of these because rarity of the tobacco. 

Get your hands on these beauties while you still can! Blink and they'll be SOLD OUT and gone forever!

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