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Aganorsa Arsenio Ramos Tribute-CigFed EXCLUSIVE

Aganorsa Arsenio Ramos Tribute-CigFed EXCLUSIVE


As you may have heard, Aganorsa Master Blender, and our friend and cigar mentor, Arsenio Ramos, recently passed away. His impact on the cigar community and his impact on our cigar journey cannot be overstated! This man literally wrote the textbook used in Cuba to train people for careers in tobacco and cigar manufacturing

Without Arsenio (who we nicknamed our "Cigar Abuelo"), we would never have made it in the cigar industry. His mentorship, guidance, and friendship is utterly irreplaceable.

Even away from the factory at the "Cuban House", we have such fond memories of Arsenio regaling us with stories and jokes. It was always through a translator which made it even funnier. He'd stare at us intently--on the edge of his seat--while the joke's punchline was translated for us. Then we'd all burst out laughing together. ...And then we'd smoke some more.

He is a LEGEND! 

This cigar project--an exclusive CigFed cigar from Aganorsa--started months ago. Little did we know that shortly after production, Arsenio would pass. We thought it fitting to change direction and make this a cigar to remember him by.

Aganorsa tobacco is THE best tobacco in the world. The only thing better are the people of Aganorsa. Over the years, they have become like family. From our very first cigar until today they have been by our side. We are so honored that they gave us permission to do this cigar as a tribute for Arsenio. It means a lot to us!

Aganorsa Arsenio Ramos Tribute is a 48x5.75 closed-foot corona gorda. The wrapper is a flawless Corojo 99 rosado wrapper. Fillers are all from Aganorsa farms in Esteli and Jalapa. 

Aganorsa Arsenio Ramos Tribute is full-bodied, med/full strength and loaded with complex flavor. This is truly an Arsenio flavor-bomb!

Expect flavors of creamed coffee, caramel, vanilla, black pepper, baking spice, brown sugar. Additional notes of cedar wood, tanned leather, dark chocolate, butter, and anise. It's so complex, so smooth, and so delicious.

It is--without a doubt--one of the best cigars you will ever smoke!

I'll leave you with the same admonition that Arsenio always told us: "Hermanos...mas fumar!" 


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