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*NEW* Emilio SUAVE

*NEW* Emilio SUAVE


Step right up and meet the Brand New Emilio SUAVE!

-->You may think you know this cigar...but I can tell ya...this is a whole different animal!

Completely NEW blend! Completely NEW bands! Completely NEW EVERYTHING! 

The NEW Emilio SUAVE is produced at Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua. It's been completely re-blended AND got an "extreme makeover" with it's packaging!

All of the new artwork and re-blending was done by James Brown (owner BLK WKS, Black Label Trading Co., Oveja Negra factory). So you know Emilio SUAVE is ABSOLUTE NAILS!

And it also dropped the AF from it's name. (Kinda like Puff Daddy went to P. Diddy...and, well...never mind!)

The NEW Emilio SUAVE is wrapped in a flawless Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf! Binders and Fillers are all Nicaraguan. Construction is perfect!

Full-bodied. Medium-strength. Amazing complexity! 

Flavors of heavy cream, espresso bean, cedar, black and white pepper, raw sugar, toasted nuts, caramel, and toffee. Welcome to Flavor Country, amigo!

You are gonna dig the NEW Emilio SUAVE! These will be in regular rotation in you humidor 100%! That is unless, of course, we can't keep these in stock!

Take my advice...get a box of these right now!

Get Yours NOW!

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