OAK & EDEN RYE WHISKEY MADURO EXCLUSIVE: This is a cigar blend that we created for our own personal pairing with the Oak & Eden Rye Whiskey. It features a specially processed 10-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper. (Binder and filler tobaccos are never disclosed.) Expect flavors of Cabernet wine, extra-dark chocolate, espresso beans, whiskey barrel, black pepper, custard, nougat, dark leather, and all-spice. It’s an amazing cigar paired with Oak & Eden Rye! You will love this blend—and it’s only available in the Cigar Federation Cigar of the Month Club!
COLOR PROJECT LIGERO BY MORNING LTD. EDITION: LIGERO BY MORNING Ltd. Edition is a NEW exclusive project from our friend, Riste Ristevski, the owner and master-blender of Jas Sum Kral! I don’t know what sort of blending magic Riste did on this cigar…but this blend is just straight-up DELICIOUS on steroids! The depth of flavors and the richness of the tobaccos are freakin' incredible! FLAVORS: Dark chocolate, espresso beans, leather, brown sugar, red pepper flakes, buttercream, all-spice, licorice, cedar wood, and caramel. 

This cigar is full-blown legendary! If you're a fan of rich maduro're gonna absolutely love LIGERO BY MORNING Ltd. Edition! 

PUNK ROCK HARD/CORE EDITION (PRE-RELEASE): PUNK ROCK is back! And it’s ready to rock you like you’ve never been rocked before! This NEW & IMPROVED Punk Rock blend is even more delicious and raucous! You can get a sneak peek (or taste, rather) only in the COTM!
THE COLLECTIVE ORIGINAL 2014 PRODUCTION: These cigars are from the ORIGINAL 2014 PRODUCTION! And have been kept hidden in our aging warehouse all these years…waiting for today! THE COLLECTIVE-Original Batch 2014 Production is one of those cigars that you tell other people stories about! You reminisce about that one time you smoked it at the lake. Or you lit one up when you got that promotion. It's just that good. THE COLLECTIVE-Original Batch 2014 Production is a full-bodied, med-full strength 6.25x52 prensado toro... with insane amounts of flavor! It features a San Andrés Café Claro wrapper—which had never been used before when we first made this cigar. 

Think about it…this wrapper leaf was put on this cigar over 7 years ago. And it was about 5 years aged at that time. SO THIS IS A 12+ YEAR OLD SAN ANDRES WRAPPER! 

First light is smooth but still has robust body. Flavors of custard, cinnamon stick, milk chocolate, black coffee, heavy cream, and cedar rush across the palate. 

Second third, raw sugar cane, dark leather, honey, black pepper, and vanilla emerge. All of the tobaccos have matured into an intoxicating symphony of flavors. Wow!

Last third, toffee, dried fruit, cardamom, and graham cracker appear. Toasted marshmallow, cocoa, and espresso beans join the blend. The burn is beautiful and the construction is perfect!

EZRA ZION HONOR SERIES 2013: These cigars are from the 2013 production of the Honor Series. (This blend even pre-dates FHK by 2 years!) Honor Series is not available for sale anywhere! No store, no website. Nothing! Your only chance to get one of these cigars is when/if they get featured in a monthly club. 😎
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