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October 2019 Cigar of the Month

CASA CUEVAS LA MANDARRIA: La Mandarria in Spanish translates to "The Sledgehammer". The cigar is a tribute to the now infamous robbery that took place earlier this year at the company’s warehouse in Miami. In the middle of the night, burglars used sledgehammers to pound their way into the building...and stole over 25,000 Cuevas cigars!

Here's the tobacco details: Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican Olor binder, and fillers from Dominican and Nicaragua. Casa Cuevas La Mandarria is a very rich full-bodied and full-strength toro! Flavors of espresso, cedar wood, pepper, earth, leather, cocoa, and raw sugar

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SOUTHERN DRAW DESERT ROSE: Amazing cigar! This blend is a tribute to Sharon Holt and the integral part she plays in the Southern Draw brand. Made by AJ Fernandez, it features an Ecuador Claro wrapper with Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican fillers. Medium bodied with flavors of spice, cream, coffee, wood, and sugar.

AGANORSA SIGNATURE SELECTION MADURO: The wrapper leaf on this cigar is a shade-grown COROJO MADURO! This is the first time Aganorsa has made this wrapper! It's a high priming leaf from their farms in Jalapa, Nicaragua.

Oh wait...it gets even better! The Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection MADURO also features the coveted Medio Tiempo tobacco in it's filler! If you aren't familiar with this particular tobacco...let's just say it's like steroids for cigar flavor and body! IT'S AMAZING!

Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection MADURO is full-bodied, med/full strength. Extraordinarily complex and perfectly balanced! Flavors include espresso, oak, dark chocolate, maple, brown sugar, vanilla cream, and pepper. (Just to name a few!)

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DISSIDENT CIGARS: Our good friend, Ben Holt, is the proud new owner of Dissident Cigars. All the blends have been re-imagined and re-formulated. And every single one of them is kick-ass! You'll get either the new Soap Box, HOME, or Bloc.

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WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA: The quality of the tobacco used for this blend is absolutely top-shelf! This should be a $10 cigar any day of the week! When you smoke it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

White Chocolate Mocha is a 5x50 robusto featuring tobaccos from Nicaragua and San Andres. The blend is so rich and so complex...ahhh I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

White Chocolate Mocha is full-bodied, medium-strength and oh so smooth! Flavors of cocoa, vanilla bean, buttercream, cane sugar, leather, cinnamon, pepper, cedar, and coffee bean.

White Chocolate Mocha is insanely good! You are going to LOVE this smoke!

If you like WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA, you can buy more by clicking HERE!

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