THE “WORLD FAMOUS” FEDHEAD (PRE-RELEASE!): Oh man! Have we got an incredible new cigar for you! THE WORLD FAMOUS FEDHEAD is our tribute cigar to all of the amazing supporters (ie: FedHeads) that have taken the cigar journey with us for all of these years. It’s November and it’s a time for giving thanks, so this one is for you! Full cigar details will be revealed when launched. 
ROJAS CIGARS BARBACOA: Literally one of the best cigar releases of the year! Seriously, if you’ve had a chance to try one then you know what I’m talking about. 

The only problem is that this cigar is hard to get…and it’s SOLD OUT everywhere else! ROJAS STREET TACOS BARBACOA uses a Sumatra Maduro wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and filler from the Somoto region of the county! Flavors are amazing! Toasty and chocolatey with big notes of leather, cream, coffee, pepper, and candied almonds. Extremely complex and impeccable balance!

EMILIO LJZ 2021 LIMITED EDITION: The newest release from Emilio Cigars finally here...and buddy let me tell you IT IS AWESOME! EMILIO LJZ LIMITED EDITION 2021 is made at the Oveja Negra Factory in Esteli, famously owned by the folks who make BLK WKS and Black Label Cigars. (Yes, this is the newest release of the🏆 93-Rated (Halfwheel) LJZ that you heard about last year!) 

EMILIO LJZ LIMITED EDITION 2021 features 2 wrappers! A beautiful natural Ecuadoran Habano wrapper and a Sun-Grown Habano adorn this amazing blend! Medium/Full in strength, LJZ is a complex and enjoyable smoking experience. Flavors are sweet, spicy, and toasty. LJZ opens with flavors of walnuts and cocoa. Hints of black pepper and coffee. It finishes out with cinnamon and cream.

PDR EL TROVADOR: You may have never had a chance to try this cigar…but it’s a beautiful smoke! Our friend, Abe Flores, makes this cigar in the DR with a San Andres maduro wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers (there’s also a Ecuadorian Rosado wrapped version). Medium-strength with flavor notes of chocolate, earth, dried fruit, cream, coffee, cedar, pepper spice, and leather.
HENDRIX SPECIAL EDITION: HendriX Special Edition is a full-bodied, medium-strength 6x52 classic toro. It features a 5-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan binders and fillers. The character of the cigar is extremely smooth with a deep maduro flavors. First third flavors include dark chocolate, cedar wood, fresh-brewed coffee, and raw sugar. The finish has a wave of heavy cream and cinnamon. Second third flavors are so smooth. Milk chocolate, cafe latte, caramel, and pepper. Last third the flavors get toasty. Notes of molasses, almond, clove, licorice, and leather.
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