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SOUTHERN DRAW MIDNIGHT ROSE EXCLUSIVE (SOLD OUT): Southern Draw has created some of the most popular cigars in the world! Their Jacob’s Ladder, Rose of Sharon, Cedrus, Kudzu Lustrum, and IGNITE releases have been some of the most sought after boutique cigars ever! But...I think they’ve outdone themselves with the brand new SOUTHERN DRAW MIDNIGHT ROSE! 

Flavors are absolutely INCREDIBLE! The cigar opens with notes of cocoa, cane sugar, black pepper, licorice, dark leather, heavy cream, cedar wood, and espresso. The retrohale is strong adding a warm cinnamon burn. Extra-dark chocolate notes quickly begin to emerge after an inch or so, complimented by blasts of dry Cabernet wine, nutmeg, and vanilla bean. White pepper and caramel linger on the finish.  The balance of flavors is completely perfect! Last third, expect flavors of milk chocolate, dark rum, custard, nutmeg, and coffee beans. 

CIGAR FEDERATION TOBACOS MR. BIGGLESWORTH (PRE-RELEASE): Get a sneak peek at the BRAND NEW CFT release, MR. BIGGLESWORTH! This blend is unbelievable! Full-bodied, medium-strenth. We’re gonna keep our cards close to the vest until the official launch of this cigar. So I’m not gonna divulge any of the particulars here. But I can tell you that the flavors are extremely creamy, chocolatey, and DELICIOUS! You are gonna LOVE it!

BLONDE BOMBSHELL ‘21 Ltd. (PRE-RELEASE): The epic EXCLUSIVES keep on rolling with BLONDE BOMBSHELL ‘21 Ltd! We’ve made this amazing blend in a 5.5x44 Petite Toro size. (Some call it a “corona” size...but that word is tainted now. Lol.) This vitola really showcases the tobaccos in the blend. Expect flavors of milk chocolate, vanilla bean, heavy whipping cream, cedar wood, mocha, cinnamon, all-spice, and cashews. 

LIGA PRIVADA T52: What needs to be said about the LIGA PRIVADA T52? It’s a rich, delicious cigar that has been sought after by cigar nerds (like us) for years. I know we boutique smokers are always hunting the newest release...but its wonderful to have a tried and true cigar in your smoking line up. T52 is full-bodied, full-strength with rich and dark flavors. 

AGANORSA LEAF JFRAGANORSA LEAF JFR are some of the finest and most delicious boutique cigars on the market. They are made from 100% Aganorsa tobacco...and Aganorsa tobacco is the best of the best! AGANORSA LEAF JFR comes in a variety of wrappers and blends—Corojo, Maduro, and Connecticut. Having smoked a lot them...I can tell you from personal experience that they are insanely tasty!

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