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STOLEN THRONE CROOK OF THE CROWN: Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown is basically one of the rarest and most sought after boutique cigar releases in the last couple of years. Seriously, we can’t hardly keep these cigars in stock. Now, if you are fortunate enough to smoke one...then you know why they sell out so fast! They are INCREDIBLE! Crook of the Crown features a 10-year-aged San Andres maduro wrapper. Fillers are from Indonesia and Nicaragua. Full-bodied and Medium+ strength. Flavors are bold and balanced. Big notes of espresso, black pepper, and cream. The extra-aged wrapper adds sweetness and earth. Additional hints of leather, caramel, almond, and cocoa.
VIAJE CIRCA 45 RESERVA: VIAJE CIRCA '45 is a unicorn cigar for the Viaje enthusiast! Various iterations of the Circa 45 have been releases in very tiny batches since 2016...And now it’s back with an evolution for 2021!

Having smoked this brand new blend, I can tell you....The VIAJE CIRCA '45 RESERVA is an amazing cigar! Period! Viaje owner, Andre Farkas, absolutely hit it outta the park on this one! It features a gorgeous San Andres maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and fillers! (And here’s the best part...it’s made at the AGANORSA factory!!) Here’s what Viaje Cigars released about the VIAJE CIRCA '45 RESERVA: “Almost a year after announcing the arrival of Circa ‘45, we are happy to welcome Circa ‘45 Reserva to the Viaje family. Reserva features well aged Nicaraguan binders and fillers with a rich San Andres Maduro wrapper. We hope you enjoy the new addition as much as we do.”

IRISH CAR BOMB 2021 LTD. (PRE-RELEASE): Every year we do a very small micro-batch blend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve been doing this for years! Here’s the backstory...a long time ago when we were first starting out in the cigar industry we had a round of Irish Car Bombs bought for us at a cigar event. It was an amazing drink! It’s Bailey’s Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey dropped in a glass of Guinness—boilermaker style! It really is the PERFECT cigar profile...creamy and sweet with savory and dark notes from the Guinness to balance. You’re gonna dig this blend!
MOMBACHO CIGARS: MOMBACHO makes some of the finest boutique cigars in the world. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence really shines through in every one of their cigars! Top grade tobaccos and truly artisan rollers make MOMBACHO an absolute treat to smoke. My humidor is loaded with these...and yours should be too!
SAN LOTANO BY AJ FERNANDEZ: Ok, here’s the deal. AJ Fernandez is one of the top cigar makers in the world. I get it...he sometimes gets lumped in with the large tobacco conglomerates...but knowing him personally, I can tell you that he is boutique at heart. The guys just takes cigar making to the next level. Seriously, he raises the bar for the rest of the industry. San LOTANO was the first cigar that introduced us to his cigars many years ago. We thought it would be fitting to feature him in the COTM so that everyone could enjoy his cigar craftsmanship.
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