CFT BORN FREE 2021 L.E. (PRE-RELEASE): COTM Members get all the advantages! Like getting to try NEW releases before anybody else! Hey, like they say…”Membership has it’s privileges!” The NEW CFT BORN FREE 2021 L.E. is a phenomenal cigar. Period. We will hold the details of the blend, wrapper, etc until the official release. BUT I can tell you that it’s full-bodied, med/full strength with intense flavors of chocolate, espresso, cream, cane sugar, black pepper, and caramel. Cigar Federation Tobacos is putting out some of the best boutique blends in the world right now…and we can’t wait for you to smoke it! 

CAVALIER GENEVE BII VISO JALAPA (NEW RELEASE): Cavalier Geneve is bringing the Bling Bling! The brand new BII VISO JALAPA blend features a—you guessed it—VISO Jalapa wrapper leaf. And…it’s sporting the insanely cool 24 Karat Gold diamond that has become a trademark of the brand. This is how they described this cigar on their website: THIS CAVALIER LINE PUTS THE VISO JALAPA WRAPPER ON THE FRONT OF THE SCENE. THE CIGARS DELIVER A DEEP, RICH AND OILY PROFILE FOR A NEW SCHOOL MADURO EXPERIENCE.“

ADVENTURA CIGARS: Gotta tell ya…we have been seriously impressed with Adventura Cigars! We just got our hands on some a couple of months ago and smoked through their entire production line. Once we started with one blend…we just kept going to the other. They are just so good. And I must add, not to sound arrogant, but it takes a lot to impress us. We get to smoke EVERYTHING…and making us stand up and take notice is a serious accomplishment. Adventura is making some freaking amazing stuff and we are excited for you to smoke it!

1502 BLACK GOLD: The 1502 BLACK GOLD was blended for SERIOUS boutique smokers who like their cigars bold and intense! No wonder it received a 93-RATING from Cigar Journal! 🏆 1502 BLACK GOLD is loaded with Nicaraguan tobaccos…all wrapped in an elegant Sun-grown maduro wrapper leaf. The flavor notes in the 1502 BLACK GOLD are provocative and rich. You will taste notes of espresso, cream, black pepper, molasses, cane sugar, toasted almond, dark chocolate, and cedar. This cigar is one of the top boutique blends that you’re gonna smoke. Period. 

JACK & COKE: JACK & COKE has a crazy backstory...but I’m not allowed to tell you about it. Suffice it to say that things can get a little crazy sometimes while blending in Nicaragua. JACK & COKE is an intoxicating blend of some of the rarest and most delicious tobaccos we’ve ever featured in the FDB lineup! Sweet and peppery. Creamy and smooth. It’s loaded with colossal flavors and complexity! JACK & COKE is arguably the BEST FDB release we’ve ever done! First third opens with flavors of raw cane sugar, whiskey, vanilla, heavy cream, cocoa, and cedar wood. The second third brings notes of aged caramel, leather, hazelnuts, graham crackers, black pepper, and cinnamon. Last third is loaded with flavors of sweet iced tea, red pepper, heavy cream, whiskey barrel and toasted almonds. JACK & COKE is insanely delicious! Believe me, you’re gonna love it!

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