COLOR PROJECT GREENGO (PRE-RELEASE): GreenGo is back! Details of the new GreenGo 22 will be released when the cigar is launched. I’ll just tell you…you are gonna FREAKING love this cigar! COTM members get a “sneak peek” of this bad boy before anyone does!

EL CEDRO “14K” 2013 PRODUCTION: Who else offers genuinely vintage and ultra-rare cigars in their monthly clubs??? Just so it’s stated right up front so there’s no misunderstanding…these are the ORIGINAL 2013 PRODUCTION of the first El Cedro Habano “14K”! EL CEDRO “14K”-Original 2013 Production features Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aging, mellowing, and developing flavor for years and years! Ok, so how are the flavors? Extremely smooth with creamy notes of honey, cinnamon, leather, vanilla bean, white chocolate, clove, and “aged tobacco”—which is hard to describe (but awesome!)

EZRA ZION TRADITIONAL BOUTIQUE EXCLUSIVE (PRE-RELEASE): The craziest cigar makers on Earth are going “old school”. The boys at Ezra Zion are known for pushing the envelope of cigar making. But the NEW Traditional Boutique is their return to grassroots traditional boutiques. Think of this like Picasso painting some Bob Ross landscapes. Full-bodied, Medium-strength. Corojo 99 wrappper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. It’s retro. It’s old school. It’s nostalgic. It’s Cubanesque Ezra Zion!

ROJAS CIGARS BLUEBONNETS: These are absolute show-stoppers! Bluebonnets are one of the most delicious cigars you’re gonna find in any humidor across the USA. Flavor and complexity are a 10/10. Notes of caramel, nougat, coffee beans, milk chocolate, cedar, graham cracker, brown sugar, and frosting. Absolutely amazing!

CHICK MAGNET XL: This cigar is 13-14 years aged! CHICK MAGNET XL is a Nica puro 7.5 x 50 churchill with a Corojo wrapper. CHICK MAGNET is medium strength and medium body with some extra kick thanks to the aged Esteli ligeros. The age has perfectly mellowed this blend into a masterpiece. Lots of caramel, heavy cream, chocolate, cedar, leather. All the flavors you love, but aged to the point that they have achieved that highest level possible in a cigar.

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