SAINT NICK 2023 CHRISTMAS LE. (PRE-RELEASE) We take our Christmas stuff seriously! In fact, we've been working on this blend for almost 2 years. Tweaking and changing down to the smallest detail to get this just right. The result is a cigar that is so epic, so magnificent, that you'll be leaving ol' Santa some extra cookies on Christmas Eve! Full cigar details will be released when the cigar is officially launched. Until then…COTM members get to enjoy a sneak-peek!
FESTIVE AF (PRE-RELEASE): COTM members get another sneak peek at a brand new exclusive cigar! We had so much fun making FESTIVE AF! We were hoping to have it ready for release last year—but it wasn’t quite ready to go. Full cigar details will be available when the cigar is officially launched!
BELLATTO EDITION: Would you like to smoke the personal private blend of acclaimed cigar maker William Ventura? Well, now’s your chance! Thats exactly what the BELLATTO EDITION cigars are…and they are amazing! Many of you know Tony BELLATTO from La Barba Cigars. He’s since launched his own BELLATTO brand and is bringing some absolute show stopping cigars to market!
AGANORSA NEW CUBA SUPERIOR: You just gotta know that we’re the biggest Aganorsa smokers of all time! From the tobaccos they grow, to the cigars they make, to the amazing people who make it all happen behind the scenes...AGANORSA is what every boutique company aspires to be! So every NEW Aganorsa release is a really big deal around here! AGANORSA NEW CUBA SUPERIOR is a med bodied, medium-strength cigar. Flavors are incredible! Expect notes of caramel, butter, brown sugar, cedar, white pepper, clove, cream, toasted almonds, and maple. 
MOFO SUPER TORO L.E.: MOFO SUPER TORO L.E. is perfect for those who like big, bold cigars! This ain't no wimpy smoke! MOFO SUPER TORO wrapped in a 5-year-aged San Andres Maduro leaf! The fillers are sourced from 4 different countries: Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, and Indonesia. Huge amounts of coffee and dark chocolate. Bold cedar wood notes, whiskey blasts, and creamy finish. Throughout the cigar hints of hazelnut, white pepper, anise, clove, and vanilla bean are detected. Full-bodied, Med/Full-strength!
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