ROJAS RESERVE GUAYACAN MADUROIf you had a chance to ask one of the greatest cigar blenders in the world to make the ultimate "Cuban-esque” MADURO cigar—one that was even better than the high prices brands from his native Cuba—wouldn’t you do it? ROJAS RESERVE GUAYACAN EXCLUSIVE MADURO is an EXTREMELY special personal blend made by renown cigar maker, Noel Rojas! Full-bodied. Med/Full-strength. All tobaccos are to remain strictly secret. But we can tell you—that despite what your taste buds tell you—there is NO Cuban tobacco in this cigar!
GUARDIAN OF THE FARM NIGHTWATCHGuardian of the Farm was a joint collaboration cigar between Max Fernandez of Casa Fernandez and Kyle Gellis from Warped Cigars! Guardian of the Farm NIGHTWATCH features--get this--a COROJO MADURO wrapper leaf! Say what?!?! Yes, you read that right! Aganorsa has spent years perfecting this Corojo maduro....and it's phenomenal! Guardian of the Farm NIGHTWATCH is a Nicaraguan puro made from 100% Aganorsa tobacco. Flavors are sweet cream, hay, cocoa, cedar, pepper spice, and raw sugar.
BLACK LABEL DELIVERANCE PORCELAIN: Black Label Deliverance Porcelain is one of the coolest and tastiest BLTC releases of all time!I mean just look at's BEAUTIFUL! Originally released in 2018, Black Label Deliverance Porcelain is a sister blend to the extremely popular Deliverance Nocturne. They feature the same amazing filler tobaccos from Pennsylvania and Nica...the only difference is that Porcelain has a gorgeous shade-grown Connecticut wrapper. 

Full-bodied. Medium-strength. The flavors are creamy, peppery, spicy, smooth, and sweet. It's an expertly balanced cigar!

BLACK COCOA LIMITED EDITION: BLACK COCOA Limited Edition is a BRAND NEW Hot Cocoa blend! And this time we cranked up the chocolatey goodness EVEN MORE…and made it a full 6x52 toro!How do you make Hot Cocoa even better? Make it even richer, darker and smoother! So what exactly is “Black Cocoa”? It’s the special kind of cocoa powder used to make OREO cookies! (It’s even darker and more intense than dark cocoa!) Expect flavor notes of intense OREO cookies, dark chocolate, espresso beans, vanilla frosting, caramel, toasted almonds, tanned leather, dark cedar, white peppercorn, and chocolate chips!
BLK WKS S&R 2023: This is one of our absolute favorites from the Oveja Negra facotry! BLK WKS creator James Brown described S&R 2023 like this: “Very excited for the return of S&R. This year’s release features a beautiful dark Sumatran wrapper mixed with Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade. The S&R is a bold, medium strength, full flavor blend. The profile combines herbal citrus notes with cocoa and a complex mix of chili & white pepper spice." Flavors are deep and rich. Expect notes of dark chocolate, espresso, cream, cedar, black pepper, and brown sugar. 
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