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August 2019 Cigar of the Month

CUEVAS FLACO LIMITED EDITION: These cigars are from the VERY LIMITED supply of Signed & Numbered Flaco boxes that are left after their warehouse was burglarized! No replacements can be produced because they are numbered boxes!

BLACKBIRD RAVEN: The blend recipe is one of the craziest and most eclectic we've ever heard of! The wrapper is a gorgeous Brazilian leaf. Binder is from Dominican Republic. The filler tobaccos are Nicaraguan Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 and Pennsylvania Broadleaf!

CAVALIER GENEVE WHITE SERIES SMALL BATCH SALOMONES: Cavalier Geneve White Series SMALL BATCH is a beautiful salomone shape figurado wrapped in a flawless Habano leaf. Fillers are from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and...get this...Paraguay! The Cavalier Geneve White Series SMALL BATCH is medium-bodied/strength. Flavors are extremely sophisticated and balanced! Notes of milk, cream, butter, cedar, coffee, cocoa, white sugar, and caramel.

VIAJE TEN PLUS TWO AND HALF ANNIVERSARY: There are 3 different blends in this release: Silver, Gold, and Red Limited Box-Pressed. All 3 blends are amazing! But you wouldn't expect anything less from VIAJE...they've been cranking out great cigars for 12.5 years! (You'll receive either Silver, Gold, or Red Limited)

BLACK LABEL TRADING CO.-NEW BLENDS: Now a little birdy told me that BLTC not only updated their core lines with new bands and boxes...but that every blend got a little update too. You'll have to smoke them and judge for yourself...but our opinion is that whatever they did is super delicious!


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