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December 2013 Cigar of the Month Club

Cigar of the Month Club

December 2013 marks the first month for the Cigar Federation Cigar of the Month Club. Some might say we blew our wad in the first month. People who say this are called "haters" where I come from. I would tell these "haters" this month is just an indication of what is in store each month.

We aren't monkeying around with the cigars we will chose each month. You will only find the highest quality boutique cigars we currently carry on our website in your monthly Cigar of the Month Club. 

We want to be completely transparent about what we are including so each month there will be a blog post which will outline what we will include. This way any "hater" can come back and see first hand what we included.

The Cigar of the Month Club included the following cigars for December 2012.......

Drew Estate Liga Privada no.9

Drew Estate Liga Privada T52

Nomad S-307

1502 Ruby

Emlio Draig Cayuquero


If you don't believe my written words, then look at the picture below.




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